Privacy Policy

The mission of Crypto Casinos is to be the platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts for the updates of online casinos. We want to serve you with equitable information about the top players. On this page, we will update you with our privacy policy, which will focus on how we use your data.

  • Safety Concerns

Your safety is of utmost importance to us, and we keep ourselves updated to act as the medium for the safest experience you can get. We never ask for any information other than the cookie policy, which we store upon your visit to our site.

  • Cookies and Privacy

Crypto Casinos makes use of the cookies to know about users interacting upon entering the website. With this, we learn about the areas that need improvement and ways to provide you with the best possible experience. Please note that we do not access any personal information of yours.

  • The 3rd Party Links

We neither collect nor use the personal information of our users. However, we do not take assurance of any third party linked with us. With this, we suggest you learn about them at your end as well. This privacy policy is validated for Crypto Casinos only.

At Crypto Casinos, we take every measure to deliver nothing less than the safest browsing experience. Owing to our SSL certificate, you can rely on us for providing you with encrypted traffic. If you have more queries, we are here to resolve them for you. Feel free to contact us with your concerns about the privacy policy and even more.